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We know we are not the only company out there offering crafts for Jewish education. But we think our kits are the best. Why? Because our customers tell us so!

And we may still be the smallest, judging by the number of products we offer. Why is that? Because our selection is geared toward specific educational goals which each offering must meet—enhancing lessons on customs and holidays certainly, but also, encouraging creativity and instilling pride and ownership of Jewish customs, and fostering an appreciation of Judaic art and the artistic process.

That is why every Dreidelmaker craft kit is carefully designed from the ground up to produce a piece of Judaica that is real, permanent, usable, and beautiful, in the tradition of centuries of Jewish art, while at the same time leaving room for individual creativity and expression. To us, a spool is not the base of a spice box, and a key rack is not Jewish art, no matter how many times you write “shalom” on it. Rather than swell the catalog with numerous variations of the same thing, and throw in stick-on graphics, we stay with a small number of basic designs that leave room for individual creativity. Our aim is for the child or adult who makes the kit to provide the variation.

Most of our kit parts are custom-designed by us and carefully reproduced to our specifications. They are not available anywhere else. To be sure, we use certain “stock” items when we can, in order to keep costs lower, but only when they fit seamlessly into the overall design, with the right proportion, fit and artistic effect.
The finished items you make from our kits do not look like a hodge-podge of spare parts.

That is why they are received enthusiastically by high schoolers, college students, seniors and adults learning Jewish customs for the first time, as well as Sunday, Hebrew, Day School and Pre-school kids and summer campers. They make a big impression on students, teachers and parents alike, and their effect continues after they are brought home, where they are admired and most importantly, used.

We manage to do this at a price comparable to other craft products that are available. When our kit costs a few cents more, we think the difference in quality is apparent. That is what our steady customers tell us. And we listen to what our customers have to say—especially when they offer a suggestion, or when something does not meet their expectations or their needs. We do our best to respond and constantly improve our products.

The selection offered on this site, newly expanded and reflecting several new product improvements, is a result of that process of communication between educator and producer. I hope you will read it and share it with your colleagues, and perhaps find something in it that can contribute to the success of your program. Thank you!

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