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Judaic Woodshapes


Shabbat Set
Do Shabbat right, with two challahs
and two candlesticks! At BIG Savings!

1 Kiddush Cup Shape (WS-CP)
2 Challahs (WS-CH)
2 Candlesticks (WS-CN)
        (5 pcs. per set)


Minimum Order just 10 sets -- 50 pcs. in all,

for just $18.00 = .36 each piece!

Additional sets at 1.80/set of 5
Additional other Woodshapes at regular mix/match prices
(count total toward quantities, min. 12 of one shape)



Bargain Packs
(all 12 shapes)
Limited time offer!

Order ANY Bargain Pack,
Get double quantity of
shapes FREE!


Example: order 12 of each (144 pc. Pack @ $49)
Get 12 extra WS-CH and 12 extra WS-CN, 168 pcs. in all

Lowest price possible!
Saves an additional 4 to 5 cents on every piece,
depending on quantity. See pricing here



Chanukah Combination!

  Such a deal! Order Menorah Kits and get Dreidel Kits, any type, up to the same quantity, at 20 cents off the regular price.

One Special price dreidel kit for each menorah kit ordered.

Click here for more Chanukah product info.




Havdalah Combination Specials!
  HAVDALAH COMBINATION 1: With each Kiddush Cup Kit (minimum 12) you can order an equal number of Havdalah Candleholders at just .70 each — save .25 each

HAVDALAH COMBINATION 2: With each Havdalah Candlemaking Kit at regular price (makes 8 Havdalah candles) you can order eight Havdalah Candleholders at just .70 each — save .25 each

Click here for more Havdalah product info.

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